Easy Peasy French Nails

French nails have always been the fanciest nail look in my opinion. I mean you can’t be a totally class lady with out a cute clean manicure, right? As someone who is pretty shit at doing my nails, I’ve finally figured out this system, or method if you will, for a look that is easy and looks like you’re way more put together than you actually are. Always a bonus.

I’m a big fan of using a base coat whenever I do my nails, you totally don’t have to but I just like how it makes me feel. (hehe) My favourite is the Revlon Multicare Base and Top Coat since it has both in one.

Nails with Base Coat and 'Wondrous'
Nails with Base Coat and ‘Wondrous’

This next part is optional and I am a huge fan of both looks. You can stick with your natural nail colour that now looks super shiny and awesome thanks to the base coat and go right to the white tips. Or you can use a baby pink/nude colour to make it look even sharper. Just know that if you’re going for a bit of a more natural looks then the former might be the way to go. Here I used the Formula X Sheer Strength in Wondrous. It’s a super simple light pink that looks just like your natural nail colour but somehow better.

Next is the slightly difficult part. You if you don’t wanna risk messing up what you’ve already done then you can put little pieces of tape on your nails so you can trace the lines. It’s totally fool proof that way and people will always be impressed that you did your nails yourself.

The Rimmel French Nail Tip Liner is great because instead of a standard nail polish brush it has a much smaller one that almost resembles a liquid liner brush. This makes it really easy to get a super sharp and clean line that you can make as thick or as thin as you want.

Nails after adding the white tips and final top coat.
Nails after adding the white tips and final top coat.

Then just seal it with that same top coat from the beginning and you’re good to go. French nails are a classic go to and look good on anyone. Best of luck! 🙂


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