What Are You Up to Today?

Hey friends!

The weather is finally starting to slowly cool down here and I can’t wait. I know I haven’t posted much of anything here this week but I do have a few exciting things to come out throughout the weekend.

Are you guys thinking about university stuff yet? It’s pretty much all that’s been on my mind. Planning on relaxing from all the research and essays this weekend. I’m strangely in the mood for a horror movie…which is a very dangerous thought because I can hardly stand them and I won’t be able to shower without my heart pounding out of my chest for weeks. Yet despite that, I would appreciate a recommendation.

We’re in double digits now for our Christmas countdown which is absolutely insane. I have a ton of plans for decorations already. (I’m a Christmas fanatic which I know is something I should be embarrassed by.)

Let me know what you’re all up to this weekend and stay tuned for some fun new things over here. 🙂

xx -Rach


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