Skunks, Assignments, and Technical Difficulties

Hey everyone, so I just wanted to apologize for not being super present this week. I’ve been buried in homework and have been trying to find a new job so it’s pretty hectic.

I’m feeling kinda pissy cause I had just written a really awesome post for you guys all about fall with a cute border that I was really proud of an published it. Then when I came back to my computer a few hours later the post wasn’t there and my account seems to have no record of it existing. (Despite the drafts that I had saved) Anyone who is better with technology than me know what the deal is here? If I can’t figure this out I’ll rewrite it and have it posted by tomorrow night. But it’d be cool if you could let me know if this is something that happens a lot.

There’s also a family of skunks that have been living in our neighbourhood and every morning when I leave the house for class, there’s this putrid skunk smell to wish me a good morning. Then earlier tonight when I was walking my dog, I saw one on my neighbour’s front porch! Imagine opening your front door and there’s a skunk there!



Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now. Hope you’ve all been doing great and as usual thanks so much for hanging out here! Feel free to contact me with anything on your mind and share your skunk experiences. ❤



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