Benefit Party Poppers Review

It’s day two of Blogmas and I have a review for you guys of Benefit’s Party Poppers 12 days of Christmas advent calendar. Beauty advent calendars are becoming more and more popular and I think they’re a really great and fun idea especially as an introduction to a new brand.



I was super excited when I saw that Benefit had released a 12 day advent calendar this year because last year’s was the full 24 days and it was over $100! This guy is $54 which is still expensive but a little bit more reasonable. The first thing that threw me off about this though was the packaging. Benefit’s entire holiday collection this year is party themed and everything has weird neon colours with kind of creepy looking people on them. It just wasn’t really my thing and I expected something much more Christmassy. It also plays an original version of the 12 Days of Christmas when you open it–but just know that this plays on it’s own ALL THE TIME without anyone going near  it which has gotten a little annoying.

Packaging aside, you get 12 deluxe sized samples of ‘fan favourite’ Benefit products:
– 0.25 oz The Porefessional Face Primer
– 0.14 oz Badgal Lash Mascara
– 0.08 oz Lollitint Lip and Cheek Stain in Candy-Orchid
– 0.08 oz Ooh La Lift Under-eye Brightener
– 0.1 oz They’re Real Mascara
– 0.08 oz High Beam Highlighter
– 0.3 oz Total Moisture Facial Cream
– 2 x 0.22 oz Ultra Plush Lip Glossin Hoola, Sugarbomb
– 0.08 oz Watt’s up! Highlighter
– 0.25 oz They’re Real! Remover Eye Makeup Remover
– 0.1 oz Rockateur Blush

First up is a very good size of the Porefessional Face Primer. I’ve done a full review on this so I won’t go on too much. This is a staple for almost every Benefit set and I like that it’s such a great size but it’s just not one of my go to primers.


You get Badgal Lash and They’re Real too and I honestly love getting mascaras in sets like this so I don’t have a problem that there are two. These are both really good mascaras and they’re a standard travel size.


Something that I am not a huge fan of though is Lollitint Lip and Cheek Stain. First off, I was confused as to why they picked this purple pink colour instead of Benetint which is much more popular. I found this was streaky and I was super dissapointed by the lack of pigmentation. It’s also way too small of a size considering how much you have to use to get the colour to show up.

High Beam Highlighter struggled with the same size issue, but I thought the product itself was lovely. I had actually never tried it before and I was very impressed. This does not give you the same streaky and patchy look that Lollitint does which is great and it creates a gorgeous highlight.


I was also pleasently surprised by the Ooh la Lift Under-eye Brightener. I don’t usually reach for under-eye brighteners because I tend to go for more intense coverage but this product looks great as a boost under your concealer. If you’re someone that likes the more natural look than you could totally get away with using this on it’s own. (This one is also way too small, just saying.)

Watt’s Up Highlighter is another Benefit staple in sets like this. I like this product a lot and I think it blends out really well and looks pretty nice. I’m not about to replace my other highlighters with it but it’s nice to have and this one’s a great size!


Next up is the Total Moisture Facial Cream. I’m not crazy about Benefit skin care because I find it very overpriced and not amazing enough to justify that. This moisturizer is fine, though only to use at night because it’s a bit greasy. But it does have a weird fragrance which I’m not crazy about. I think it’s something different to include in the set and it’s a nice size as well.



You also get two Ultra Plush Lip Glosses in Sugarbomb and Hoola. I really do have some issues with these. The first thing I noticed was the smell. They have this weird fruity/perfumy smell that I really don’t like and it lingers throughout the day so you can taste it. The formulation is really nice though as they’re not sticky or gloopy, however I would layer them over a lipstick because they do nothing for your lips on their own. I don’t hate these but I wish you only got one and that the other was replaced by maybe a lipstick or an eyeliner.

The They’re Real Eye Makeup Remover is the only item in here that was actually awful. If feels kind of gross on your eyes and it hardly took off any of my makeup. A single eyeshadow or a bronzer would have been lovely instead.


To end on a high note, the last door is the Rockateur blush. This is a really nice addition since it’s a great size and colour. I had never tried it before this so I liked that it was included.

Now I know that I had some issues with a couple of things in here but overall I really do like it. Yes, I do feel that some of the products were odd choices and should have been much bigger but I do think this a fun gift for someone who hasn’t tried much from Benefit. And it is really fun to get a new little present everyday!

But someone seriously needs to tell Benefit to get it together with the packaging. That is something I can’t get over!

Have you tried Party Poppers? Let me know what you thought and if you agree/disagree with any of my thoughts. Thanks so much for stopping by ❤

xx -Rach




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