Christmas Shopping on a Budget

Hello everyone! I love reading different gift guides because it’s so fun to get new ideas and inspiration. However, this is a really tough time of year to be on a budget and I find it really hard to find inexpensive gifts that are still just as fun and exciting. I’ve come up with a couple of ideas that I hope you guys will enjoy. 🙂


First up is The Body Shop. I really love The Body Shop because not only are they a really great brand in terms of their ethics but they also have amazing quality products at very good prices. They have brought out some really lovely gift sets where you get 3  travel sized products, a bath lily and a makeup bag for $15! The contents of each bag varies a bit depending on the scent that you chose, but they’re all really great value. If you are shopping for a special guy who’s into skin care then the For Men Maca Root line is very nice and has really affordable products. Keep an eye out because they always have tons of great promotions going!
Shop all of these gifts at The Body Shop here:

If you’re shopping for someone that’s more into makeup, then I would recommend making them a little basket with a couple of products that they can try out. Essence Cosmetics is super underrated because they have so many great products! Their XXL Shine lipglosses are incredible and the All About Nudes eye shadow pallet is great too. Pick up a couple of these and you could easily make someone a nice little set of new makeup. These super budget friendly options are available here:


I’m always looking forward to seeing what Burt’s Bees comes out with for the holidays. They have plenty of different bundles of products that are all packaged really nicely. The Holiday Grab Bag ($25), Tips and Toes ($20) Face Essentials ($20) and Burt’s Bees On The Go ($15) are some of the bigger sets with several products. But there are also really lovely duos of a lip balm and a face cream, hand cream and nail cream etc. They also have awesome selections for guys–though many products can be used for both men and women. All of these and more are available here:

Lastly, I wanted to mention the brand that is best known for it’s inexpensive products: ELF. They have so many different sets going on right now so you’ll have tons to choose from. I do find that ELF can be a bit hit or miss but I find that most of their eye and lip products are really great. I’d recommend going for the Mad for Matte Lip Colour Set ($10), Subtle to Sultry Eye Set ($5) and their Super Glossy Lip Shine Swirl ($2). Many of their brush sets are great value as well, especially if you’re shopping for someone who’s just starting out with makeup. Many of their sets are online only so find them all here:

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get someone a great gift. You can easily find several different items and put them into a cute box and make someone a little gift set! Let me know if you decide to go for any of these! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

xx -Rach
@forallstylishstudents on Instagram!



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