Casual Winter Outfit of the Day!

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all had an awesome day! Today is day 7 of Blogmas and I thought I’d bring you the first Outfit of the Day. This is a really comfy and casual outfit that I love because it’s so warm and easy to wear on a chilly day.



My sweater is from American Eagle, it’s super soft and comfy and I love that it’s long so it keeps me extra warm. I have these in three different colours! They have several sweaters that have the same ‘jegging’ material and I’d definetly recommend them!

My jeans are from Zara.They are my favourte pair of jeans because they’re stretchy enough that they’re comfortable but they still hold a nice shape. The zippers are a really fun addition too! Check them out here:

My boots are tan combat boots from Aldo. I really love these because they are easy to throw on when I don’t feel like wearing heels and they look cute with both pants and skirts. There are also zips on the sides which means you don’t have to untie them all the time which is a plus.


So there you have it! This is an outfit I wear all the time and it’s a great staple to quickly put together on a busy day. What have you been wearing lately? Thanks so much for coming by! Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

xx -Rach
@forallstylishstudents on Instagram!


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