Is it Worth the Buy? Aveda Be Curly

Happy Monday everyone! Did you do anything fun this weekend? I’ve honestly been working a ton lately so I can’t wait to have some time to relax now that August is here! I have a bunch of really fun projects planned that I can’t wait to share with you all. ❤

My natural hair is super thick and curly and I never bother straightening it so I’m always looking around for products that will help it looks bouncy and smooth. I was given a really nice set for Christmas that featured four of the Aveda Be Curly products in travel size and I have been trying them out.

The shampoo and conditioner are meant to give definition to your curls while fighting frizz and adding shine. The co-wash is kind of a hybrid of these two that will cleanse your scalp while restoring moisture to your actual curls. Lastly, the curl enhancer is a way to intensify your curls, fight frizz and add a boost of shine.


I’ve really been liking what these guys add to my hair routine: After washing my hair with my usual shampoo, I rinse it about half way out and then mix a dime sized amount of the shampoo and the co-wash and wash my hair again with those. I don’t find that they make my hair feel clean enough on their own but I like them as an added boost. Then I add about a dime sized amount of the conditioner to my usual and run them through my hair from root to tip. The conditioner works nicely on it’s own but since it’s so pricey I would rather mix it and have it last longer. Then when my hair is about 50% dry, I run a small amount of the curl enhancer through. The key here is to use only a small amount because it can make your hair feel a little sticky if you over do it.

Now these guys are absolutely a splurge item for me so while I really like all of them I’ve been thinking about whether I would repurchase them in a full size. For my hair type I think that the cur enhancer makes the biggest difference and is the most worthwhile. While the other products are really nice I don’t think they do enough to justify the price–around $30 for a standard size!!

If you’re struggling to find products that work for your curly hair I’d highly recommend trying out this line! Especially if you can get it in a set like I did so you can try them all out! I’m super glad that I found these guys and will keep an eye out incase they come out with another set next Christmas! These guys are Worth the Buy for sure! Have an awesome day, friends! ❤

xx -Rach

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Check out the whole Be Curly line here:


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